What is Neurodiversity and why is it important? Let’s talk about Neurodiversity as a word, movement and practice in society!

When we discuss Neurodiversity alone, we are discussing the diversity of all people. Today, we associate Neurodiversity with those who have been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or other developmental or learning disabilities. The term Neurodiversity today is used to celebrate and embrace those who are neurodiverse, and create an inclusive society.


Why Are These Words  Important? 


Neurodiversity has introduced a whole new world of “person-first” language. In the past, individuals may have said “an autistic child,” while we now recognize the words “a child with autism” to be a more accepted use of terms. All individuals have preferences for the way they or their disability is addressed, but person-first language has become a great default when you are not sure what to say, or how to address a person or their disability


How to Create & Support a Neurodiverse Community!


  1. Accommodations: Giving accommodations to adults or children can consist of something as small as a sensory object, to giving a separate work or learning area for them to reside in. Accommodations can often be misinterpreted as a disruption, however, every individual learns and works in different ways. To support productivity, it can be beneficial to support the individual first! 
  2. Communication: Those with ASD can sometimes find it difficult to retain certain social cues or figures of speech such as sarcasm or euphemisms. Remaining clear and concise with communication can provide great support to neurodiverse individuals. 
  3. Be Patient and Kind! 


      Neurodiversity as a term has created great movements in social change and acceptance for those with ASD or other developmental and learning disabilities. Movements such as these can take a village to promote change, so keeping in mind ways to be a supportive boss, teacher, coworker, friend or family member can make all the difference! 



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