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Are you struggling to find an effective therapy for your child with autism? Are you tired of constantly traveling to clinics and juggling therapy appointments with daily responsibilities? You are not alone. 

Many families face similar challenges when it comes to accessing quality therapy for their children. We provide convenient, effective, and personalized in-home ABA therapy services because we understand the difficulties and frustrations families experience when seeking treatment that meets their child’s needs. Our service allows your child to be in a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment that will make them more receptive while receiving their aba therapy at home.

ABA Therapy services at Home

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, the traditional method of delivering ABA therapy in a clinical setting may not be suitable for all families.

For instance, some families may have limited access to clinics due to geographic location, transportation difficulties, or simply due to time constraints. Some children with autism may also shut down, be very shy, or have “stranger danger” when going to a new place.  Removing the barriers to accessing therapy enables families to focus on what’s most important – their child’s growth and development. 

Our in-home ABA therapy service offers a unique and personalized approach to treating children with autism. Our team of experienced and licensed therapists work with your family to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your child’s specific needs. We integrate you and your family with our aba therapy strategies so  throughout your child’s daily routine you are consistently reinforcing habits, helping them learn and grow. 

In-home ABA therapy is convenient, flexible and a proven treatment for children with autism. And speaking of convenient, if your child goes to daycare or preschool, we can also provide on-site ABA service aides at daycares and preschools, if the facility is willing to bring us in to help.

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In-Home ABA Therapy Techniques

We believe in a holistic approach to treating children with autism. Our therapy goes beyond traditional ABA techniques and incorporates a range of strategies to support your child’s growth and development. Here are some of the techniques and strategies we use for home-based ABA therapy services:

  • Verbal Behavior (VB) therapy: VB therapy focuses on developing language and communication skills in children with autism. Our therapists use this technique to teach your child to communicate their wants and needs, and to express themselves in a variety of social situations.
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET): NET is a teaching technique that takes advantage of your child’s natural interests and motivation to learn. Our therapists use this technique to create fun and engaging learning activities that your child will enjoy.
  • Social skills training: We incorporate social skills training into our therapy to help your child develop the skills they need to interact with others and form meaningful relationships.
  • Positive reinforcement: Positive reinforcement is a core component of ABA therapy, and we use it to encourage and reward positive behaviors in your child.
  • Visual aids: Many children with autism benefit from visual aids such as pictures, diagrams, and videos. Our therapists incorporate visual aids into our therapy to enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • Sensory integration: Some children with autism may have sensory processing difficulties. Our therapists are trained to identify and address sensory issues, using sensory integration techniques to help your child regulate their sensory input.


By incorporating these and other techniques into our ABA therapy activities, we provide a comprehensive and effective treatment option for children with autism. Our goal is to help your child achieve their full potential and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Contact us today to learn more about our in-home ABA therapy services.

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The Role of Parent Involvement in In-Home ABA Therapy

Parent involvement is critical to the success of the ABA therapy we provide. We can only work with your child so many hours a month while you and your family spend hundreds of hours together. Your responsibility as a parent is to continue to nurture your child’s abilities, reinforcing the home-based aba therapy and techniques we provide during our sessions.

Parent Training for ABA Therapy

During our home-based ABA therapy sessions, our therapists work closely with you and your child to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your child’s specific needs and goals.

Initially, we will work with your child one-on-one to gain a positive rapport and pair treatment with fun, engaging activities. The therapist will evaluate your child and decide when it makes sense to get you or another caregiver involved during our sessions. 

In addition to our one-on-one time with your child, we help train parents to continue our ABA techniques at home, share tips and tricks to keep your child interested and engaged, and help you recognize triggers to diffuse outburst situations. 
Our parents often feel empowered and confident in supporting their child’s progress. The more involved you and your entire family get to help your child with autism, the more accepted they will feel and the more progress they’ll make over a shorter timespan. When we all work together with aba therapy a home makes children thrive!


Experienced, Professional Therapists for ABA at Home

We set the bar high for every ABA therapist we bring into our team as  your children deserve the best care. We believe in providing the highest quality therapy services by hiring only the most qualified and experienced therapists. Here are some of the qualifications our aba therapists must have when we screen then during our hiring process:

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification

Our therapists are certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), which ensures that they have met the highest standards of education, training, and experience in the field of behavior analysis.

Experience with autism

All of our therapists have experience working with children with autism and specialized training in autism-specific techniques and strategies.

Background checks

We conduct thorough background checks on all of our therapists to ensure that they have a clean record and are safe to work with children.

Ongoing ABA training and Professional Development

All ABA therapists must stay licensed which requires continuing education training on a yearly basis. This keeps their education up-to-date on the latest research and techniques in the field of behavior analysis.


We have on-going performance evaluations for all therapists to ensure the quality of work performed meets or exceeds our expectations. This allows us to continue to provide your children with the level of care they deserve.

By hiring only the most qualified and experienced therapists, we are able to provide the highest quality in-home ABA therapy services to our clients. We believe that every child with autism deserves the best possible care, and we are committed to delivering that care with compassion, expertise, and professionalism. 

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If you think in-home ABA therapy would be the right fit for your child, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation. We’ll have a conversation with you, discuss options, and see if we’re the right fit for you and your family. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Therapy Includes

  • Early Intervention
  • Functional Communication
  • Training
  • Play Skills
  • Toilet Training
  • Social Skills Development
  • Behavioral Development


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